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Thank you for taking a moment to review our COVID page. Let me first stress that this is an evolving plan and strategy. Just as coaches adjust, tweak, and change, we will too. The safety of our participants, especially our kids, is our top priority. This Board is open to constructive input and criticism as we approach our duties with the kids in mind.

Throughout the summer of 2020 our Board met weekly via Zoom to discuss the issues surrounding youth sports and our kids during this pandemic in general and how it affected the NIYFL specifically. Ultimately we decided to cancel our season, but many member Areas chose to play an intramural schedule or hold clinic style workouts. As a result we worked diligently to craft a protocol to mitigate and curb the spread while still giving our kids an opportunity to compete and play and exercise. In the offseason we were determined to play under all but the most dire of circumstances in 2021. While we don't think we are facing dire circumstances right now, we feel it is important to think ahead and do our part to keep from contributing to any spread.

I have consulted school administrators, high school coaches, medical professionals, and other youth or parks program coordinators across our league's footprint and beyond in the last few weeks. I shared our approach from last year and asked what theirs is this year. The result of these conversations is here on this page. These are people with whom I will remain in communication as the season progresses. We are also establishing a closed social media network specific to the NIYFL on the SportsYou app and website so all our concerned patrons can be updated in real time. Your Area Commissioner.has the "join" information for you if it is of interest.

We appreciate the effort and commitment of everyone who helps make football the greatest team sport there is. Keep up the good work and let's all make sure our kids are playing football every week through October 16th this season!

Chris Cotton
President, NIYFL Board of Directors
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