USA Football
NIYFL - Zero Tolerance Policy







     Due to the increasing violence and rising numbers of abuse incidents in our nations youth football programs during and after games, the NIYFL Board of Directors have unanimously approved a "ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY" related to inappropriate behavior at practices, games and NIYFL sponsored activities. The Board feels that league officials, parents and coaches should be proactive in seeking a safe and instructive environment for children without the threat of violence, inappropriate behavior or language on the sidelines.

     Each area had an elected commissioner, and the commissioners have elected the NIYFL Board of Directors. These individuals are responsible for the activities your children are participating in. One of them or an appointed replacement will be available at every game. Please find one of these individuals if you see activities that concern you, so we may correct the problem.

     While most inappropriate behavior is obvious, the actions that will not be tolerated include, but are not linited to the following:

  1. Parents and fans on the field without permission
  2. Inappropriate language
  3. Yelling negative comments at the referees or apposing player
  4. Instigating players, parents, officials
  5. Trashing fields
  6. Attending events drunk or smelling of alcohol
  7. Physical displays of aggression or threats of physical aggression
  8. Any action that officials or coaches deem to be inappropriate, or the individual has previously been asked to stop doing.

Any player, coach, official, parent or fan, participating in inappropriate behavior will be ejected from the game. In cases where the offending party does not leave the area, then the field director in charge will immediately dial the police and have the offender removed. A league report will be filed, and if the same person is ejected twice, they will no longer be allowed to attend NIYFL events. Based on the nature of the offence, charges may be field against the individual. Threats of or physical displays of aggression will be reported to the police. Any ejected person has the right to an appeal hearing by the Board of Directors. All parties involved will be notified and invited to attend the hearing which will be scheduled within 10 days of a written request.

The NIYFL hopes these policies will ensure a safe, tolerable environment for your family to be around and your children to play in. Thank you for doing your part to help.

Every Parent and Coach must abide by this policy.